AskChain Online App

AskChain Online is the basic application of ecological community in the emergence chain. Users all over the world can interact with anyone around the world through it.


Community function

AskChain Online for full anonymous registration, personalized profiles, and new identities. It supports eleven languages and has no communication restrictions. Online translation, real-time communication. Unlimited sharing of pictures, publishing links, videos, goods and tasks. Notices will circulate freely in the world of inquiry.

About AskChain

AskChain is a global de-centralized platform based on blockchain technology and distributed intelligent contract. With the structure of decentralization, it directly links the components of the whole product ecological chain, realizes the direct docking of enterprise, business and individual value, non-destructive circulation and safe storage. Through the AskChain team independent research and development of the launch chain, global enterprises, global businesses, global individual users, will be able to make their output value into their own benefits, and in the form of the release chain pass AskChain in the product ecological chain circulation. As a value carrier, AskChain can not only circulate in the product ecological chain, but also leverage the greater value outside the product ecological chain, so that AskChain can participate in the cycle of the emergence chain.


High Expandability

Smart Contract, Timely transaction and other scenarios made possible with the features of high efficiency and low fees


Provide unparalleled stability, based on Intelligent contracts and Ethernet, to protect your privacy.


Data communication between chains are the foundation of application eco-system.


How to get ASKT



Contract Address:0x1f28f618a2b4e1882ed062db9a4f6298f125e4b8
Contract Name:AskChain Token
TotalSupply:5200,0000 ASKT


1. Send 0 eth to Our contract address 0x1f28f618a2b4e1882ed062db9a4f6298f125e4b8, One address can only join once.
2.Use 100 000 Gas if sending with not enough gas its possible txid will fail. Also check here for gwei estimate


Send your eth to contract address 0x1f28f618a2b4e1882ed062db9a4f6298f125e4b8,
Exchange ratio 1 eth : 36000 ASKT . Minimum purchase eth is 0.01 eth.


Rapid and steady development,to achieve our goal.

Exchanges and Wallets

AskChain is in high speed development. During this process, we have established long-term partnership with many excellent blockchain companies.

Chief Cooperation

Strategic Cooperation

Celebrated Institutions and companies,build an enormous and multivariate ecology.

Cooperation Medias

Dedicated support is rewarded in AskChain.

If you are interested in helping or want to contribute to AskChain and the AskChain community, please let us know.
Contributors are well rewarded in AskChain.

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